Louis' pussy squeaky, Harry's dick is leaky, Niall's jump is freaky, Liam's dog is creepy, Zayn is very sleepy, modest! ain't even sneaky

Hold On To The Words You Spoke (Anchored Down In The Throat)


"No, no. Louis, just stop. It’s not stupid, it’s never stupid. Believe it or not, I care. I care so much. Do you honestly think I’d still have my dick in your ass if I didn’t?"

Louis chuckles at that, but it’s sad, Harry notes it’s not right. “That will change when I tell you.”

"Never." Harry kisses every bit of his face he can reach, he has no idea how that can help but he’s going to do it anyways.

"I don’t like the way I sound. ‘S all," Louis says in one breath, going coy as soon as he’s done speaking, his eyes casting downwards.

For a moment, Harry can’t believe his ears. Or the words Louis just said even if he can see them hanging in the air between them. Harry is not even sure if he listened He doesn’t want to believe them, maybe that’s why he’s having a hard time coming up with his own words.

Basically, Louis is loud. And then he isn’t. Harry ties him up to find out why. 

by Anonymous (HL Summer Fic Exchange)


Warning: It’s stated very clearly that they switch, so there are various bottom!Harry references but if I remember clearly, no bottom!Harry scene

- Lynxh xx

Magical Soup


Slytherin prefect Louis Tomlinson’s seventh year at Hogwarts takes an immediate turn for the worse when he’s made to be potions partners with Harry Styles, Hufflepuff’s resident heartthrob and class clown. Louis has always considered Styles to be a terrible show-off who coasts by on his charm and good looks, but the more they work together, the more he questions that idea. As term goes on, will Louis be able to admit to himself that he might actually like Harry Styles after all… and maybe, just maybe, as more than a friend?

by Anonymous (HL Summer Fic Exchange)

i’ve never read any HP book or seen any HP movie bUT THIS MAKES ME WANT TO

- Lynxh xx

I Know You Wanna Leave (So Come On Baby Be With Me So Happily)


AU in which Harry and Louis work together, Nick isn’t what he appears to be and all Louis wants is respect and to maybe hold his alpha’s hand in public.

by TableForThree


- Lynxh xx

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good thing i spend 12 hours then
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are you ever just reading a book and you come across word that you don’t know how to pronounce so you just go afkjhjdsfsjkdhs in your head

when it’s someone’s name and you have to keep doing that for the rest of the book

And then if that book gets turned into a movie, they will pronounce the characters name and you just sit there in the cinemas like the fuck just happened to me

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End of the World Tonight


“You remember when you told me that you wanted to live with me for the rest of your life?” Louis asks. His voice trembles a bit, exposing exactly how much he hates what he’s about to do. How much he wishes that he wasn’t about to do it.

“I remember,” Harry says. His expression is a little lost, like he thinks that they’re about to have a fight and he’s not sure what they’re supposed to be fighting about. Louis closes his eyes because he has to, has to take a second to regain his courage. He can’t keep doing this. He can’t keep suffering, can’t keep killing himself trying to hide this. He’s ready. He’s been ready for a long time.


Ao3, Oneshot, Smut, Favourite

by: whoknows

my whole world gets that little bit brighter when i see a new fic from this author

- lottie 

if it hurts to breathe, open the window


Louis looks wonderful himself, in a muscle shirt reading The Stone Roses and showing off all his own ink. His jeans are tighter than Harry’s, and there are dark circles under his eyes and his hair is tatty and wild, and there’s a sex bruise on the bend of his elbow Harry didn’t give to him. (In which Harry is a rock star, Louis is a tattoo artist, and one night stands are never really just one night.)

by Anonymous (HL Summer Fic Exchange)

as you can see i just stalked this fic exchange hA

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stop the world (cause i wanna)


Maybe he feels brave, the champagne bubbling in his stomach and the eight ball of coke burning a hole in his pocket and Louis staring up at him with a mix of hatred and reverence in his eyes, pink mouth agape.

[or an au where Louis is Miley Cyrus & Harry’s his indie rocker, and neither of them want to talk about it.]

by Anonymous (HL Summer Fic Exchange)



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Anonymous said: Do you guys have the link to this larry fic where louis' parents are out so he has to stay with his friend liam but he has a date so hes alone and harry is liams brother and fists louis???????:))) thanks ♡


inner inertia

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